KIDDYHOUSE This site is a imagination for teachers, parents, and kids. It has justify clipart, thematic units, example plans and didactics ideas. Equitable chat the site’s fresh unionized Teacher’s Corner. There is a ‘how to’ section for parents interested in activities they can do to promotereading readiness. They also have a list of themed units, our favorite isALL ABOUT THE FARM. The units include songs and stories, games, printables, etc. The program introduces kids to touch typing with fun challenging games. As the kids get older and more skilled they can advance from level one to level four. Who cares if your preschooler can’t do much more than home row, they might be the fastest typist in the first grade.

There is also an animated ABC section that is completely appropriate for two-year-olds. Need to give your little one extra practice with sounds and emergent reading activities? Starfall is the place to go.

EVERYTHING PRESCHOOL Here is a nice place to go for ABC stuff, whether you are homeschooling or just want to reinforce what’s going on at school. Everything Preschool offers over 30,000 Preschool Education Activities Seperated into over one hundred Themes, twenty six Alphabet Areas, & Lesson Plans, too. They have a recipe page for just about everything you can imagine: goo, clay, silly putty, homemade crayons, etc…. It is a great place to visit if you have a budding scientist in the house like we do.

ENCHANTED LEARNING This website can be accessed for free, but if you subscribe for $20 a year you will be able to view and use additional materials. This is a nice site for homeschoolers, preschool teachers, and parents that would like to supplement their child’s learning. We love the holiday projects they offer and have printed out several of their booklets. One that was especially nice was done for daddy as a gift for father’s day. This is a great website to start with because you can pick activities and print them out. Your child need not be at the computer to do this.

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FUNSCHOOL This website is an arcade of sorts. If your preschooler is looking for a challenge, then grab a mouse and sit them down for hours of fun (of course not all at the same time)! Curriculum is divided into six topics: art and coloring, colors, general links, language arts, math, and holidays and seasons.APPLES four the TEACHER This website offers crafts, coloring pages, seasonal/holiday activities, games and puzzles for kids. It also has a nice resource section for parents that includes research-based articles about educational issues. Need to do a thematic project? Find coloring pages and books about Native Americans, Dr. Suess’ Birthday, and Mother Goose Day. Look for their upcoming collection of jigsaw puzzles, wordfind puzzles, and crossword puzzles that visitors can ecard to a friend.DANCE MAT TYPING It is never too early to begin teaching keyboarding, especially when you can use such a cute game as this BBC gem. The best part is, it is free! The kids love it. This site needs supervision, but once the child becomes familiar with the games and activities, he or she will be able to play independently. They also offer coloring pages.

PRESCHOOL ROCK This website offers local sites for people in some major American cities. It is a nice resource for things to do in your area.You must be logged in to post a comment.SPROUT This website has games, recipes, craft ideas and more. Want to watch their new nighttime show Pajanimals? See their streaming version online. Sprout Online works in conjunction with the PBS television stations in the U.S. and features many contests for kids. The website can be personalized for its members and accessed by friends and family in faraway places through “My Refrigerator” a private webpage that allows posts. You can upload photos and make posts. It is the website for preschoolers and their families to share together!

It is stocked full of educational games of varying levels and subjects. Games can be found in the following subject areas: language arts, science, math, music, arts, sports, etc…. There is a lot to choose from and several skill levels that can meet the needs of kids with differing computer knowledge.

Kiddyhouse continually updates their resources. Check out their newly added HALLOWEEN ACTIVITIES.STARFALL This is a favorite among early elementary teachers and parents alike. If you have an early reader, this is a fantastic resource. They have online books (free, of course), that will highlight each word as a narrator reads aloud to your child.

The site also offers a free ABC coloring book (PDF) to anyone who registers for their mailing list. There are many resources on this site including: a craft section, sample songs and poems, a radio program for moms, nutritional info, party planning stuff, educational ideas, etc. Want to teach preschoolers about the Food groups, or get an idea on how to incorporate a math lesson in the kitchen? Preschool Rock is the place to go.PICADOME ELEMENTARY SCHOOL And finally, a one-stop shop for all your preschool games, this website is a compilation of fun games and activities from all over the web. This school has done a nice job of assembling a “best of the web” list of games and resources.